Wholesale Division

Taste the Outback Range

Exporting the Taste of the Outback to the rest of the world.
Further details can be found at www.tastetheoutback.com

Health Food

Pioneers in the use, development and promotion of the health benefits of Lupin Kernel Flour (LKF). Lupin8 is the market leader in the satiety category within health foods and pharmacies throughout Australia.
Exporting to the USA, New Zealand and emerging Asian and Middle East markets. For further details, visit www.lupin8.com

Wheat Alternative

Leaders in the development of Spelt flour and baking mixes to the consumer. The Spelt range of flours are a healthier option. Not only to those on wheat free diets but also those who seek healthier food choices. For further information, please contact us.

Product Innovation

Australis Foods also has a team of talented individuals working within the wholesale division around assessing the market and developing niche products suitable to the changing economic environment. For further information, please contact us


Australis Foods are focused on providing innovative Australian manufactured food products to the global market




Taste the outback range to now include Dukkah!

Our innovative team have been developing a new Australian flavoured dukkah which is great for dinner parties or that quick snack. Stay tuned for a pending release date

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